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Rob Nicolucci
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The Coolaid Story

When you love what you do, the rest is easy. So much so, every day here feels like a Friday… well, maybe, not every day. We’re fueled by curiosity and inspired by innovation, and we’ve partnered up with some amazing people that feel the same way. Sometimes we’re leaders, other times innovators, but all of the time we’re good listeners. We inspire, engage and connect people to brands. We have a cross-disciplinary team that offers a holistic solution. The result is innovative strategies, and strategically grounded creative communication.

Our Vibe, we live it every day. It’s who we are, what we’re passionate about and the interconnections we make with one another.


Being responsible for your word.


Always looking forward.


We are passionately dedicated to each other, our profession and our clients.


We value the relationships around us.


...while we work.
Coolaid, RN Design and SRN Architects company baseball tournament
Coolaid sponsored putting golf game
Coolaid techie Tuesdays poster and group picture

Coolaid Gang

Rob Nicolucci avatar

Rob Nicolucci

Owner and President
There’s nothing better than a cold beer or glass of wine or an 18yr old scotch or a Negroni. Hmmmmm….I’m seeing a pattern here. The key is to never drink alone.
Suzanne Wicentowich avatar

Suzanne Wicentowich

Marketing Director
Suzanne's passion for knitting & sewing was passed down from her granny. She now knits sweaters and sews Halloween costumes for her kids. Proud achievements include a saber tooth tiger and a cheetah costume.
Chris Fetter avatar

Chris Fetter

Chief Operating Officer and Partner
Good times! Loves having them and hates missing out on them. Will almost always muster up enough energy to continue on!
Rick Haws avatar

Rick Haws

A picker of low hanging fruit or the boiler of oceans, whatever the situation requires. Pretty damn good at cooking hams, ribs and prime rib, terrible at turkeys. Doesn’t believe that ‘I don’t disagree’ is the same as ‘I agree’.
Tony Kilislian avatar

Tony Kilislian

Creative Director
Tony sleeps through his alarm every morning until his cat bangs her head on his door.
David Pell avatar

David Pell

Digital Marketing Director
David is passionate about all things web. For fun, he enjoys cooking and playing music with his band, the Dead Pixels.
Cynthia Schaeffer avatar

Cynthia Schaeffer

Senior Marketing Manager
For every first and last day of school, Cynthia and her son go to the Clarkson pump and order honey garlic wings with sweet potato fries for dinner.
Kent Austin avatar

Kent Austin

SEM Specialist
Pianist and digital marketer who has an unhealthy obsession with 90’s sitcoms.
Jordan de Belen avatar

Jordan de Belen

Digital Designer
Jordan enjoys sci-fi and heavy music. He once played basketball against an NBA Star in high school.
Josh Duan avatar

Josh Duan

Digital Designer
Every New Year’s Eve, Josh tries to do Lord of the Rings marathon, but never succeeds.
Urvish Jani avatar

Urvish Jani

Senior Full Stack Developer
Love for Soulful music has made Urvish learn "Tabla"... His other loves are cricket and movies. He's a big SRK fan and doesn't miss watching any FDFS movies.
Zach Brun avatar

Zach Brun

Front End Developer
Avid runner, craft-beer enthusiast and outdoor junkie.
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