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Rob Nicolucci
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The Coolaid Story

When you love what you do, the rest is easy. So much so, every day here feels like a Friday… well, maybe, not every day. We’re fuelled by curiosity and inspired by innovation, and we’ve partnered up with some amazing people that feel the same way. Sometimes we’re leaders, other times innovators, but all of the time we’re good listeners. We inspire, engage and connect people to brands. We have a cross-disciplinary team that offers a holistic solution. The result is innovative strategies, and strategically grounded creative communication.

Our Vibe, we live it every day. It’s who we are, what we’re passionate about and the interconnections we make with one another.


Being responsible for your word.


Always looking forward.


We are passionately dedicated to each other, our profession and our clients.


We value the relationships around us.

We Have Fun

...while we work.

Coolaid Gang

Rob Nicolucci

Owner and President
There’s nothing better than a cold beer or glass of wine or an 18yr old scotch or a Negroni. Hmmmmm….I’m seeing a pattern here. The key is to never drink alone.

Chris Fetter

Good times! Loves having them and hates missing out on them. Will almost always muster up enough energy to continue on!

Rick Haws

A picker of low hanging fruit or the boiler of oceans, whatever the situation requires. Pretty damn good at cooking hams, ribs and prime rib, terrible at turkeys. Doesn’t believe that ‘I don’t disagree’ is the same as ‘I agree’.

Greg Cory

Chief Operating Officer
Greg is well versed in all things games and sports and is usually willing to make a friendly wager on it. 5-time ArmChair Cup FFB Champion. Gretzky > Lemieux. Fishing > Golfing. Dogs > Cats.

Liz Vezos

Studio Manager
‘Work hard so you can shop harder’ is Liz’s favourite motto! Shopping and celebrity gossip are her guilty pleasures when she’s not juggling mommy duties for her three kids.

Kent Austin

Digital Marketing Manager
Pianist and digital marketer who has an unhealthy obsession with 90’s sitcoms.

David Merten

Senior Creative Director
Dave knows he talks too much, but he’s really trying to overcome it. Yet if you only knew how much he wanted to say and didn’t, you'd give him some credit for it.

Bert Meulman

Senior Creative Director
Humour and creativity go together like Bob Ross and happy little trees.

Dale Benvenuto

Graphic Designer
Meet Dale, our newest Graphic Designer at COOLAID! Dale’s a music lover, professional photographer, and talented digital designer who’s motto is “Life happens, espresso helps—and if nothing else, there’s always whiskey!”

Alyssa Green

Senior Account Manager
“Cupcakes are just muffins that believed in miracles” … A baker, risk-taker and a tall drink of water, Alyssa went from cottage country to the city to make our clients’ dreams come true.

Catalina Londono

Senior Account Manager
A PR professional who dipped her feet in marketing and never looked back. Catalina brings 10 years of experience in media and client relations, project management and business development to COOLAID, along with her wild travel stories and impeccable taste in wine.

Danielle Pytlik

Account Manager
Born in the country, but a city girl at heart, Danielle’s a funny fashionista moonlighting as a COOLAID account manager.

Teodora Virgilio

Account Services Coordinator
Every colour is the new black for Teodora.

Konstantyn Maslovskyi

Web Developer
Konstantyn’s childhood dream was to become Spider-Man. When that didn't work out, he decided to settle for a different kind of web.

Dima Dereviakin

Web Developer
A full-stack developer with an appetite for new challenges, Dima comes to COOLAID with a laundry list of outstanding achievements—including how many times he's watched Friends from start to finish.

Daniela Loria-Caschera

Content Specialist
Self-proclaimed Jacklyn of all Trades obsessed with movies, pop culture and trivia. With a degree in History and English, she can both edit your essays and tell you about the emperor Constantine.

Alaina Slavec

Content Specialist
Alaina has a lot in common with Kevin McCallister: she’s industrious, TV is her life and she loves pizza. She also shares similarities with Garfield: she loves lasagna, naps and can fit into most overhead storage bins. Saying she’s a good “fit” for us is an understatement. Now name all 3 pop culture references in this bio.

Melis Kocer

Digital Marketing Specialist
Melis is our resident Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for vintage movies, chocolate, and all things Audrey Hepburn. She even knows what you're thinking right now...

Michelina Boksa

HR Manager
This native Woodbridge girl is the glue that keeps us all together. She’s the sweetest out there—until you challenge her to a game of UNO!

Ligia Baptista

Office Manager
As mysterious as she is fabulous, Ligia is our licensed troubleshooter. But she keeps jetting off to the UK on “business” for weeks at a time and she won’t say why???

Michael Robinson

Chief Technical Officer
Ways Mike is like Yoda: he's well travelled, he's got all the answers, AND Mike and Yoda are BOTH spelled with 4 letters. I think not, coincidence?

Eugenio Melaragno

IT Specialist
Eugenio would rather be on the Holodeck right now.

Isabella Kang

One day Isabella’s going to run the first ever dog sanctuary/movie theatre/snack bar, but for now she’s moonlighting as COOLAID’s favourite office assistant.
Got game? Looking to add some fun in your ho-hum career? Check out our career page.