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Putting Whitby on the Map

How we brought cool to the Whitby waterfront.
When we talk of prime waterfront, Whitby doesn’t come to mind. The beach maybe, but not Whitby. So, when our client came to us with this parcel of waterfront in Whitby, we knew we had to put it on the map. To do this, we created a series of events around the site, and a cross-channel campaign which included a website, social media presence, an event web app and signage.

1,242 Instagram followers and growing.

Onsite signage

Girl yoga pose and Dockside logo
Dockside logo and alternate logo
Dockside logo and sandals on a dock
Hand swishing water and Dockside logo

Community Website

Event Photos

Girl posing in the Dockside symbol for an Instagram post

Cross Channel Social
Media Campaign

Dockside gallery page cross-section Dockside gallery page cross-section Dockside Instagram Gallery Grid Dockside event photo in black frame