Our Latest COOLAID One Gains National Attention CHBA Recognized for Second Year in a Row

Our Latest COOLAID One Gains National Attention CHBA Recognized for Second Year in a Row

2021 saw the launch of Peterborough’s Premier Master Planned Community, Nature’s Edge, by renowned home builders Bromont Homes & Pristine Homes. Along with this successful launch, was a second consecutive Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) nomination for Website of the Year for our COOLAID One marketing tool, custom designed for this amazing project.

With Covid-19 uncertainty and restrictions, as well as a significant drive time between our community and our target market, our COOLAID One tool offered a perfect hybrid solution to deliver marketing and sales assets to our customers. COOLAID One is a tool combining all marketing and sales information into one easy-to-navigate, UI/UE masterpiece, where potential homeowners, investors and more could experience Nature’s Edge, learn about Peterborough, our renowned builders, and their superb product without setting foot outside. During virtual sales appointments, it also acts as a beautiful, comprehensive presentation piece, to guide potential homeowners through the community, neighbourhood and of course, key sales documents.

The first chapters of the Nature’s Edge COOLAID One acts as an interactive storybook guiding audiences through the possible lifestyle at Nature’s Edge, while educating users on a location that might be unfamiliar.

The story begins with Peterborough, an introduction to future homeowners that includes a high-level and high-impact numerical summary, an interactive historical timeline of this great city, and all the fabulous natural and metropolitan amenities just moments away from Nature’s Edge.

There are many incredible aesthetic and UX elements juxtaposing the story of Nature and City throughout the Digital Brochure. For example, every header has an image toggle where users can choose to see either a city-based or nature-inspired image, the same interactions can be made on neighborhood maps and more. And while fun to navigate, each item is there to encourage more time spent on this website. Strategically, each unique user-click of the mouse is tracked and heat mapped to see what our audience is engaging with and what information is important to our buyers—information that guides sales, eblasts, blogs, advertising and more.

In the summer of 2021, a week before the project launched, we collected data and these impressive statistics captured over such a short period of time:

  • 4,342 unique visitors (Which was over 75% of the total registrant list at the time)
  • 8,209 visits – That’s 2 visits per user on average!
  • 62,165 actions taken/engaged – Crazy math! That’s 14+ interactions per unique user.
  • 9:20 minutes average website view time per session! Amazing.

In addition to the notable stats above, we’re proud to say this release was a huge success for our clients, and this tool played a large role in allowing the launch to take place in a hybrid world, both seamlessly and efficiently. This fun, engaging and interactive website is more than just a website; COOLAID One also acts as a buyer portal, responsive product touchscreen, real-time site plan, a community brochure including live pricing and more. Altogether, the features of COOLAID One allow the sales team to strategically hide or show product and the portal, in turn allowing the marketing agency to update information and keep things fresh.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself. We proudly present to you our beautifully crafted Nature’s Edge Digital Brochure featuring Peterborough’s Premier New Home Community: